Catamount Ranch & Club. Steamboat Springs CO

When I first moved to Steamboat Springs, CO in the fall of 2005, Catamount Ranch & Club was one of the first places I visited. Since then I have spent a total of 10 seasons working as a Golf Shop Assistant and Supervisor of Outside Services. Catamount Ranch & Club is a private golf club with two separate membership options: the Lake House and Outfitter Center on the private Lake Catamount, and the Golf Club located 10 miles away on the outskirts of town. 

I have been thoroughly blessed in my career at Catamount with great friendships and the most beautiful scenery one could ask for! Below are some of my favorite images of the course from the past few seasons...and just a taste of the daily wildlife. Most of these images haven't been seen, and I hope it will inspire you to break out the sticks sooner than later!